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1  Ad Seller Pro / Presales / Re: questions about ads locations and membergroups on: October 18, 2011, 05:09:51 pm
Thanks for reply, One last question (and this its the most important one for me)

Its possible to add a new feature to Display a certain Ads To Search Traffic Only?

That its a very popular feature in wordpress:

thanks in advance
2  Ad Seller Pro / Presales / Re: questions about ads locations and membergroups on: October 17, 2011, 11:50:06 am
But if you order I can add memebergroup code per ad so you do not need do that extra work.

That will be great, because i dont wanna use custom code for that.
When a ads buyer submit a image for a banner, they can upload images, exist any security check for that? because i still using smf SMF 1.1.15 and i not think to update to 2.0 yet.

When a ads its about to expire, the system send any message to the buyer to advert about the ads will expire in the next days?

I can configure only certain ads locations available for buyers? because i have some places with adsense working fine and i not want buyers in these places, i want buyers only in less important locations.

Ad Seller Pro allow banner rotation? imagine i have 3 buyers in the same location in the same forum and i want to rotate 3 banners from 3 different buyers.


Can i configure ads from different buyers in the same location but in diferent boards?

ads of buyer 1 in general board inside first post

ads of buyer 2 in chit chat board inside first post


3  Ad Seller Pro / Presales / Re: questions about ads locations and membergroups on: October 07, 2011, 04:25:01 pm
Right now with Ad Seller Pro you can setup location by membergroup.
The only other way would be to create duplicate new ad locations. You can create custom ad locations with Ad Seller Pro

My english..... this will be difficult  Smiley
i will see if i understand, You mean:

Create ads

-Create 1 ads with adsense and give anonymous only permission. (ads_anon)
-Create 1 ads with smowtion and give registered user only permission. (ads_reg)
-Create 1 ads with ebay and give moderators only permission. (ads_mod)


I give the same location for all in ad seller pro options:

-Inside first post
-left bar
-right bar
-bla bla bla

Put in smf code


I include the code of both ads in template:

//display ads inside first post
bla bla bla code for ads_anon
bla bla bla code for ads_reg
bla bla bla code for ads_mod

In few words...i would create 3 diferent ads, one for anonymous, one for registered and one for moderators,  and put the code of the 3 ads in the smf template.
The smf permission system will choose/filter what ads show based on membergroup permission, its that correct?

Exist any way to configure a country filter based on geo targeting or something?

Some visitors from certains countrys never click in ads, and that affect the CPC campaigns.

thanks in advance
4  Ad Seller Pro / Presales / questions about ads locations and membergroups on: October 04, 2011, 05:16:44 pm
Hi, first at all excuse my english, its not my natural language.

Currently i have a ads inside the first post in my boards, i placed these ad inside the code because i displayed only to anonymous users.
With Ad Seller pro would be possible show 1 ad for anonymous users ONLY (suppose adsense) and show 1 ads for registered users ONLY (suppose smowtion) in the same place?

In other words:

-Exactly same location for both ad. (not side by side, etc)
-If the user its anonymous he see the ads1-adsense inside the first post.
-If the user its registered he see the ads2-smowtion inside the first post instead.

i want to configure adsense for anonymous and smowtion for registered users in ALL my forum/site using the same places for ads.
Its that possible?

Or beyond that, same locations/places but differents ads networks by membergroup:

anonymous = adsense
registered = smowtion
moderators = ebay

Its that possible too?

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