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Title: SMF Store 1.2 Released
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SMF Store 1.2 Released

SMF Store is an e-commerce system that integrates with the Simple Machines Forum software that uses PayPal as the payment processor. Supports both digital and physical products.

Updates and changes since SMF Store 1.1
Version 1.2
+Added subcategories links under main store categories
+Added item option to allow download of all files from all digital products. Useful for a product to give access to all downloads.
+Added Thank You page after a buyer purchases an item
+Added total money made for last seven, thirty, and year under Downloads and Stats
+Added support for fraud checking via the fraud check service (in the works)
+Added formatting for Canadian and Australian dollars.
!Fixed file links for downloads left if unlimited to show unlimited
+Added option for PayPal to toggle sandbox mode
!Fixed custom fields that are used with PayPal when used with the shopping cart
+Added support for custom membergroup prices for each item
+Added support for items to be purchased for free.
!Fixed buying single items in qty which made the price higher.
+Added option to count shipping price only once if more than one item is bought at a time
!Fixed the item prices to support very high price items
+Added lightbox to the store pictures
!Changed the page function to use smf's built in page system
!Fixed the subcategory display on underneath parent categories to be in the correct order.
+Added captcha to add comment page for guests only
+A personal message is now sent to the customer when an item has been marked as shipped
+Added setting to control the number of items per row
+Added option to include conversion tracking on the thank you page. An ideal spot to place your adwords or other ppc conversion tracking system.
+Added option when adding/editing an item to display a product in additional categories
+Added full link tree in view item page.
+Adding changing the display order of items in the store. Only works with items that are located in a primary category.
+Added searching for items.
+Added option to add a license agreement to a download and have the buyer agree to it before downloading a digital product
+Changes to myorders page to improve the layout
+Added a print item view option to the store
+Added an option to change the qty of an item on checkout for the shopping cart.
+Added a feature to log all searches made in the store which could give some useful information to the store owner.
+Added under coupons an area for you to search coupons used on transactions and by what member.
+Added option to use a custom store name instead of just Store under settings.
+Added basic tax support. Allows you to set a flat percent tax for all purchases.

More information on SMF Store can be found at

Current customers can download the latest release from,825.0.html

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