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Title: [1.3.5a] Download transactions
Post by: Vincent Volmer on September 06, 2009, 07:08:25 am
Hello Mr. SMFHacks,

I found a strange issue with the prices in the transactions.

When a member ordered product1 (2,00) and product2 (1,50) at the same time, the total price is displayed at both products (at the order details in transactions) instead of the individual price.

Looking at the order details of product1 in the transactions it displays an total price of 3,50
The same for procuct2.

When I export the transactions list I see these 2 with the same price:

product1 3,50
product2 3,50

I know this is the total order price but this should be the individual price instead of the total:

product1 2,00
product2 1,50

Sorry for my bad English but I hope you understand what i mean.....  ;)
Could this been changed?

Thanks in advance,
Vincent Volmer
Title: Re: [1.3.5a] Download transactions
Post by: Vincent Volmer on November 02, 2009, 09:32:13 am
Hello Mr SMFHacks,

Is this (previous post) also changed in 1.3.6? Maybe with this:

Version 1.3.6
+Now sends the product name to PayPal for shopping cart items up to 127 characters for all items in the cart total

Thanks, Vincent
Title: Re: [1.3.5a] Download transactions
Post by: SMFHacks on November 02, 2009, 06:37:53 pm
Known issue not related to the last update.

Not sure how I want to handle it yet. The issue comes from I do know the true price the person paid for each individual item.
A person could use a discount/coupon that is the main thing and I only send the total to paypal which is why the reports the overall total for each item.
Title: Re: [1.3.5a] Download transactions
Post by: Vincent Volmer on November 05, 2009, 03:15:53 pm
Hello Mr SMFHacks,

Thank you for your answer.

Let me explain why I asked for this;

We're using the Store as a multi-seller store. I know the Store isn't made for multiple sellers but we have a couple of designers who sell there products in our store (and we take some commission for that...hehe). Thats why I like a transactions-export, including the ((price / or sale price) minus coupon reduction) per product instead of the total order price for the transaction.

Now, I manually copy/paste from the transactions list into MS Excel and add manually the price and author. No problem, but if it could be done a bit easier  :D .....

Feel free to ignore my request. I only want to let you know my thoughts (and wishes hehe).
I really like the Store a lot and also our members do!

Thanks in advance,