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Title: Newsletter Pro 3.0 Released
Post by: SMFHacks on June 22, 2012, 07:29:05 pm
Announcing the release of Newsletter Pro 3.0 a newsletter system for SMF with open/click and unsubscribe tracking. This new release brings in social media, image hosting, and forwarding options as the major new features. And we have completed a bunch other updates which are detailed below.
+Added Social Media Sharing - Facebook,Twitter,Goolge+,LinkedIn for people to easily share your newsletter on social networks
+Image Hosting for images for emails. You can upload images to be used in your campaigns and easily insert them into your newsletter using the editor
+New view as webpage feature link that can be inserted into a message
+Added resubscribe option using signup form if unsubscribed using confirmation link to optin.
+Added confirmation link setting for using the signup page builder
+Added forward to a friend feature.
+Added country flags for ip addresses
+Added option to delete an email from the unsubscribe list for admins
+New scheduled task setting for SMF 2.0 instead of having to setup a cron job for sending scheduled campaigns
!Fixed page title on unsubscribe page
!Fixed bug in saving the custom from name in SMF 2.0

Existing active licenses and community suite customers can download the release at,2407.0.html