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Title: Store testing with PayPal Sandbox
Post by: SMFHacks on May 28, 2007, 05:06:15 pm
Store testing with PayPal Sandbox

This guide is going to go over testing with PayPal Sandbox.

SMF Store comes with a couple debugging features.

To enable debugging create paypal.txt in your smf forum's root directory and make it writable
Then inside storeipn.php in the root of forum
$paypal_debug = false;
And change to
$paypal_debug = true;

This will log any paypal query to the text file.

Now on to testing the store with PayPal sandbox
The sandbox allows you to test the store with fake credit cards, echecks, and PayPal payments.

First thing you need to do is signup for a sandbox account at

Once you have an account at the sandbox you can create fake paypal accounts on the sandbox to test with the store.

To enable sandbox mode for SMF Store you will need to edit the database using phpMyAdmin or another database editor.
Once inside your database you will need to go to the smf_settings table;
Find the variable
And change the value from 0 to 1

This will allow the store to enter sandbox mode and will accept the sandbox accounts in your developer account.
This is a great way to test the store.