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Title: Google Maps
Post by: SeaChaser on December 03, 2017, 11:41:56 am
I have Google Maps 2.6 on my SMF 2.0.15. Can I update directly to Google Map 3.0.3 or should I remove the old version first. Here's a list of update errors I get:

   1.   Extract File   ./Sources/GoogleMapIntegration.php   Our integration Functions
2.   Extract File   ./Sources/GoogleMap.php   The primary modification functions
3.   Extract File   ./Themes/default/scripts/markerclusterer_compiled.js   Jasvascript to enable the cluster functions
4.   Extract Tree   ./Themes/default/scripts/jscolor   Jasvascript to enable color selection
5.   Extract File   ./Themes/default/css/GoogleMap.css   Style Sheets
6.   Extract File   ./Themes/default/GoogleMap.template.php   The template for viewing the member map
7.   Extract File   ./Themes/default/languages/GoogleMap.english.php   The language strings
8.   Extract File   ./Themes/default/images/google_earth_feed.gif   
9.   Adapt Database   add_settings.php   
*   10.   Execute Modification   ./Sources/Load.php   Test failed
   1.   Add After   ./Sources/Load.php   Test successful
   2.   Replace   ./Sources/Load.php   Test failed
   3.   Replace   ./Sources/Load.php   Test failed
*   11.   Execute Modification   ./Sources/Profile-Modify.php   Test failed
   1.   Add After   ./Sources/Profile-Modify.php   Test successful
   2.   Replace   ./Sources/Profile-Modify.php   Test failed
   3.   Add Before   ./Sources/Profile-Modify.php   Test successful
*   12.   Execute Modification   ./Themes/default/Profile.template.php   Test failed
   1.   Replace   ./Themes/default/Profile.template.php   Test failed
   2.   Add After   ./Themes/default/Profile.template.php   Test successful
*   13.   Execute Modification   ./Themes/default/languages/Who.english.php   Test successful
14.   Execute Modification   ./Themes/default/languages/Who.english-utf8.php   Skipping file
15.   Execute Code   add_remove_hooks.php   

Thanks in advance
Title: Re: Google Maps
Post by: SMFHacks on December 03, 2017, 11:50:43 am
I suggest always to uninstall when possible.