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Title: Feature Request for Classifieds
Post by: Nicole on September 28, 2020, 06:17:59 am

I have been playing with the classifieds mod and am missing three features whoch I believe should be added:

1. Make offer Option

A bidder can send an offer for an item with buy it now option. Seller can accept or decline the offer

2. Watch feature

A member can add and remove items to a watched list. Watched items are displayed on a watch items page

3. Won / Sold Items Page

I feel this is the most cruical thing that would need to be added to this otherwise very nice mod. When a buyer buys an item it should get displayed on a seperate page where tehy can keep track on all their bought/ won items

A seller on the other hand would need to have a page showing all his sold items (with the buyers handle) and can mark the paid / or unpaid.

Title: Re: Feature Request for Classifieds
Post by: Nicole on October 09, 2020, 08:56:40 am
Any thoughts on this?
Title: Re: Feature Request for Classifieds
Post by: SMFHacks on October 09, 2020, 09:05:13 am
They are great ideas just takes time to make them.
Title: Re: Feature Request for Classifieds
Post by: Nicole on October 09, 2020, 12:41:57 pm
Do you see yourself adding these features anytime soon?
Title: Re: Feature Request for Classifieds
Post by: SMFHacks on October 09, 2020, 01:28:12 pm
Soon probably not been busy with work.
Title: Re: Feature Request for Classifieds
Post by: Nicole on October 09, 2020, 02:05:27 pm
I see. Thank you
Title: Re: Feature Request for Classifieds
Post by: SMFHacks on October 21, 2020, 10:30:17 pm
More feature requests from users:

- Displaying a seller other items on an items details page (there is a page displaying all a sellers others items and the 1st page of items should be displayed on an items details page)

- Displaying an ask question form there. It would basically be a sentform that has the item title subject as hidden field and the seller as hidden recipient

- Adding Texarea and  Radio Buttons as Custom Fields Options

-   Display members auctions / other auctions in auction page and under his post
-   Add categories sorting to sellers other items
-   Show leave feedback from Trader System ONLY if member has had a transaction and not left feedback yet

Changes to Category Pages
-   Show Categories, price and country filter in search results / categories
-   For New Items display ribbon on Image
-   For Ending soon Items display Ribbon on Image
-   Show Buy it now price & Button in auction categories page
-   Show Contry Flag

Item Page
-   Display Images like on eBay with High Slide Viewer
-   Display Seller Away notice in Auctions - when Auto Responder is activated
-   Show notice for buyer if they have won an item in auction details page
-   Mark price red or green if reserve is not met / met
-   Show closed notice in auction details page if auction is closed
-   When time is less than 1h then make it red time countdown
-   Show Bidding & Buy Out form via Modal inline
-   Show Sellers Counzry Flag & Avatar
-   Show Bidders Avatar & Country Flag in bidding form
-   Show Sellers Other Items on page
-   Show Contact Form with autofilled (hidden) Item Name as Subject
-   Add Report Button / Function
-   Add Bid Form to listing
=> Display bidding form on listing instead of extra page
=> Confirm page is opened via inline window (like on eBay)

Listing Page
-   Replace Image upload with the advanced one Mod from SMF Packs
-   Allow seller to choose wheter a discussion topic should be created when submitting doing a listing
-   Show selected category on listing / edit pages ... allow to change category in edit page
-   Add Jquerry checks for mandatory fields in listing process ... do not allow submission otherwise
-   Add Textarea, Radio buttons and Checkboxes Custom Fields Types
-   Add fields for
o   Radio Button: Shipping ; Personal Pick up Only
   If Shipping Selected then print Postage (National Field) AND Show new Radion Button Conten:
   Interantional Shipping; Yes / No
o   If Yes then show field for Interational Shipping
o   If Yes then Sow Link for Checkbox Countries where seller can select areas he does not ship to

   Show Radio Buttons: Personal Pick up possible: Yes / No
This function will take content from prefilled fields in Sellers prefield fields page settinghs
o   Payment methods (checkboxes copying from pre filled fields)

Add Bid Retraction Feature
-   Seller can retract a Bid on his items
-   Bidder can retract a Bid until a certain amount specified by Admin before Auction Ends. Bidder hast to give a reason for bid retraction.
-   It will log number of bidders bid retractions and show them in bidders trader profile

Add Favorite Seller Feature
-   Adds possibility for a Favorite to send eMails to these people.
-   Member will receive a notice via PM when favorite seller lists a new item
-   Sellers will see which members have subscribed to them

Add Watched Items Page & Function
-   Member will have a page displaying all watched items. Ende Items get displayed on bottom
-   Auto send ending soon notice mail for watched items

Add Prefilled Fields Page
-   Add Option to Auctions to make feedback Private. It will then not be clickable but only show the number of transactions. Only Member can see his feedback / have a clickable link
-   Add Setting wheter to show Google Maps Location of Member in Item Listing Page
-   Add Blocked Bidders Field
-   Add Payment Methods (Checkboxes)
-   Add Payment Tems (Textarea)
-   Add Accept Returns? (Yes / No Radio Button) => If Yes show Text Area for  conditons

Add Pages for
- Won Items
   - High Bid, Seller Name & eMail, Paid / Unpaid, Tracking Data
- Not Won Items
- Sold Items
   - High Bid, Number of Bids, High Bidder Name, eMail Adress, Allow to enter shipping carrier & tracking number => Provided Data will be displayed on buyers Won Items page
   - Here seller can mark items paid / unpaid and filter for them