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Topics - SMFHacks

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Latest Mods / [Mod]Block Proxy VPN On Registration
« on: August 01, 2019, 10:42:37 pm »
Block Proxy VPN On Registration


For SMF 2.1.x

Block Proxies, VPN on registration.

Latest Mods / [Mod]Nofollow Signature Links
« on: July 30, 2019, 11:52:28 am »
Nofollow Signature Links


Nofollow Signature Links

For SMF 2.1.x, SMF 2.0.x and SMF 1.1.x

This mod makes any signature link a nofollow link. This reduces the value of links for SEO spammers

Latest Mods / [Mod]Login Menu Button
« on: July 05, 2019, 03:26:24 pm »
Login Menu Button


For SMF 2.1.x

Adds the login button back to the main menu for SMF.

Latest Mods / [Mod]Global Message Box
« on: March 19, 2019, 03:10:39 pm »
Global Message Box


Global Message Box
Developed by Lean & 4kstore for SMFSimple.com
SMF 2.0

This mod allows users to show a global message in a box with a unique design! Css3 and jquery using as a basis.


    Activate / deactivate the mod from the administration
    From the administration you can edit the message box with a textarea.
    You can use both HTML in the message board.
    You can choose which group of users will not see the box.
    You can choose which forum or subforum not see the box.
    You can choose from several styles to match the block to your forum.

License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/

Latest Mods / [Mod]Count Child Child Boards Posts
« on: March 01, 2019, 10:40:06 pm »
Count Child Child Boards Posts


Count Child Child Boards Posts
For SMF 2.0.x

Counts n level child board posts, and shows the last post updated as well.
Adds a setting under Modification Settings for child board posts for max search depth. Will convert when upgraded to SMF 2.1

Tip and Trick Converted to Mod from RF-FH

License: BSD License

Latest Mods / [Mod]Mudim Vietnamese
« on: February 28, 2019, 06:49:29 pm »
Mudim Vietnamese


Mudim is a Vietnamese writing script on Javascript that integrates into web pages. Mudim was developed based on MrChuoi's CHIM percussion , in addition to consulting ideas and thus bringing many advantages of other percussion types of the same type. Combined, Mudim is an exceptionally easy-to-use, installable keyboard for web developers as well as handy for website visitors.

For even more convenience for those who use the Firefox browser, Mudim has a version of Firefox Extension directly integrated into Firefox, which lets you type Vietnamese on any web page, especially without conflict with the integrated percussion on the page. web if available.

In the process of using if you have any comments or questions, please read the wiki page in the right column, if the question is not answered, please create a new item in the Issues page , but you should also look In previous issues, there may be people who have come up with the same idea.

You can also visit the PhanHoi page for opinions of people who have successfully implemented Mudim. If you have successfully applied Mudim to your site, go there to introduce people.

The control panel is very convenient
Save your settings corresponding to each site (you need to accept cookies)
Supports 3 popular input methods Telex, VNI and VIQR.
Uncheck the new rule (recommended) or if you really dislike this unchecked type, you can switch back to the old unmarking rule.
Intelligent diacritic function, automatically unmarked in place
Works well on many popular web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Konqueror)

News / SMF Gallery Pro and AD Seller Pro now for SMF 2.1.x
« on: February 11, 2019, 07:23:56 pm »
We have just updated SMF Gallery Pro and Ad Seller Pro to support SMF 2.1.x

If you are current license owner you can grab the new version from the downloads area.

Also we are planning to update all core products for SMF 2.1.x support


News / SMF 2.1 RC 1 Released
« on: February 04, 2019, 06:52:36 pm »
Simple Machines is pleased to announce the release of SMF 2.1 RC1. This first Release Candidate for SMF 2.1 brings the beta development phase to an end and is one of last steps toward the official release of SMF 2.1. Numerous bugs that were reported after the release of Beta 3 have been fixed and improvements have been made to security, stability, and performance. Notable improvements since Beta 3 include:

    Many database query improvements and optimizations.
    Updates to SCEditor, jQuery, and several other plugins and libraries.
    Image proxy improvements and support for external image proxies.
    Faster and more robust BBCode parsing.
    Full support for IRIs (International URLs).
    Localization support for reCaptcha.
    The ability for time zone descriptions to be localized.
    Rewrites of various language strings to make them clearer.
    An overhaul of the built-in language editor.
    More flexibility and options for custom profile fields.
    Improvments to two-factor authentication.
    An enhanced error log, including backtrace information.
    Bug fixes for alerts and email notifications.
    Support for decimal values in paid subscriptions.
    Smiley sets can now use many different image file formats.
    A multitude of template and CSS improvements and fixes.
    More intelligent CSS and JavaScript minimization.
    Even more new integration hooks to support edit-free modding.

More details

Latest Mods / [Mod]Who Quoted Me
« on: January 20, 2019, 07:55:46 pm »
Who Quoted Me


For SMF 2.0.x
Shows the user a list of people that have quoted them.
Has built in option to rebuild quote history for all old posts

Install Information:
Install via the SMF's Package Manager via upload package.

Latest Mods / [Mod]Push Notifications
« on: January 18, 2019, 11:10:41 pm »
Push Notifications


For SMF 2.0.x

Adds push notifications for Chrome and Firefox using the OneSignal api.
Works for replies and adds support for the following mods
Awesome Post Ratings
@Mentions Mod
Who Quoted Me

Requires an OneSignal account and cURl support for PHP

Install Information:
Install via the SMF's Package Manager via upload package.

News / Community Suite On Sale $200
« on: January 02, 2019, 04:12:12 pm »
Community Suite is now on sale in honor of the new year for $200

This includes all our software that we made ourselves which includes
SMF Gallery Pro,SMF Store,SMF Classifieds,Newsletter Pro,Downloads System Pro,Ad Seller Pro,Pretty Urls SEO Pro,Badge Awards,Awesome Post Ratings,GDPR Pro,Emoji Pro,Message Editor Pro,HashTags

For more information on the Community Suite visit:

Latest Mods / [Mod]SMF 2.0.x PHP 7.2 Support
« on: December 17, 2018, 11:03:17 pm »
SMF 2.0.x PHP 7.2 Support


Installation Complete

SMF 2.0.X Branch Patch Tool - Enabling PHP 7.2+ compatibility - modification c/o web-develop.ca
Thank you for opting to use this modification.
You will now be redirected back to your package manager.

Distributed under the MIT License (https://web-develop.ca/index.php?page=general_license)

News / Downloads Pro 5.0 Released
« on: December 05, 2018, 03:11:32 pm »
We have released Downloads Pro 5.0 a downloads system for SMF 2.0.x and SMF 1.1.x Which gives you the option to have multiple files per download, and charge for download credits.

This release adds a new admin section to manage download categories. In addition adding options to mark files as unviewed, and option mark them all as viewed.  Other changes are listed below in the changelog.

For more information on Downloads Pro visit: http://www.smfhacks.com/download-system-pro.php

+Added manage categories section in the admin area. To allow you to add/edit delete download categories instead of using the frontend
+Mark all Viewed button added to unviewed page
+Added mark unviewed option to downloads file page
+Option to display number of unviewed downloads items in the main menu
+Added options to hide stats link, search button, unviewed button, last post by on category
+Downloads you can now search with out typing anything to search for.
!Added check on download to make sure the file id exists
!Download permissions copy all don't show category that we are currently in
!Stay in admin on file listing for members in admin section SMF 2.0.x
!Fixed language string unviewed downloads

Downloads Pro 5.0 Requires uninstall of old version for some features to take affect

Exiting customers with active licenses and Community Suite customers can download the update located at

If you need to renew your license you can do so at:

News / SMF Hacks Black Friday Sale!
« on: November 13, 2018, 11:17:24 am »
SMFHacks is having our once a year sale! We are discounting our Community Suite package the lowest price ever listed.

Community Suite was $250 now only $150 -Our lowest price ever! Over $500 value. Includes all our software such as AdSeller Pro, SMF Gallery Pro, Download System Pro, SMF Classifieds, SMF Store and more! And just this year we released Pretty Urls Pro, Message Editor Pro, Emoji Pro, GDR Pro which are included as well.

Other items on sale:

Downloads System Pro was $65 now only $45

AdSeller Pro was $50 now only $30 which is a 40% savings off it's normal price!

All these offers are for a limited time and end on 11/30/2018

News / SMF Classifieds 5.0 Released!
« on: October 31, 2018, 10:24:03 pm »
We our proud to announce the release of SMF Classifieds 5.0 an auction and listing system for SMF 2.0.x and SMF 1.1.x.
This release brings a major new feature SMF Classifieds categories can now be added on to specific boards on your SMF forum. It overrides that boards interface and adds some classifieds features to it. I believe this may help increase user engagement as well with the Classifieds area since it is in the main boards area and any post will appear in the recent posts in SMF. This feature is for SMF 2.0.x only

You can see a demo of the SMF Board integration at

Other changes in this release include bug fixes and improvements to the flow of the Classifieds system. The complete changelog is listed below

For more information on SMF Classifieds visit https://www.smfhacks.com/smf-classifieds.php

Current active license owners and community suite customers can download the latest release from the customer download forums. It is recommended to do an uninstall of the old version then

+New Interface for SMF Boards feature for auto posting! You can now take over that board and have the exact look and feel of SMF. Auto posting to the board must be enabled.
It overrides that boards interface and adds some classifieds features to it. I believe this may help increase user engagement as well with the Classifieds area since it is in the main boards area and any post will appear in the recent posts in SMF.
I recommend a new board with empty topics and disabling the option to create new topics inside it. For SMF 2.0.x only!

+Trader Rating Count now displayed on the view bids page
+Added paypal locale support to do customizations for international users. Under Admin -> Classifieds Configuration -> Payment Modules
!https picture links now supported in listings
!Allow classifieds admins the option to manage listing pictures/files if bids were made
!Update personal messages to not use urls as much and link to the members profile
+Seller information added on payment page if no paypal is displayed
+Added pay now link under MyBids section if your bid was accepted for the auction/listing
+Added on MyListing page listing status/current bid amount. Also the option to relist an item
!Place bid page now formats the greater than amount in the currency used for the listing
!Fixed an issue where the currency can be listed wrong on the view bids page
!Fixed undefined secondary paypal email address when editing an auction/listing
!Make sure paging for transaction list and shipping area stays in admin area for SMF 2.0.x
!AddThis widget now loaded over https

This upgrade requires an uninstall of the old version and install of the new version

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