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Topics - Rock Lee

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Modifications Talk / hcaptcha it won't let me register
« on: September 06, 2021, 12:42:57 pm »
I was looking for and testing several alternatives that came up with the recaptcha, an extra box appears (when I select only 2 extra questions). Even if I left only the captcha, the empty box still appears... If you give me a hand it would be great! :).


ADD: Looking at the error log I get this:

8: Undefined offset: 2
file: /wamp64/www/Themes/default/GenericControls.template.php
Líne: 348

Use PHP 7.4 and SMF 2.0.18



Code: [Select]
echo '
<div class="smalltext">', $verify_context['questions'][$qIndex]['q'], ':<br />
<input type="text" name="', $verify_id, '_vv[q][', $verify_context['questions'][$qIndex]['id'], ']" size="30" value="', $verify_context['questions'][$qIndex]['a'], '" ', $verify_context['questions'][$qIndex]['is_error'] ? 'style="border: 1px red solid;"' : '', ' tabindex="', $context['tabindex']++, '" class="input_text" />

I add the area where it marks me, the input is the line that tells me 348.

Modifications Talk / FTP integration with SMF forum
« on: December 08, 2020, 11:21:30 am »
I am looking to integrate something like nextcloud to the forum but I found myself in an alley...

I was googling in addition to testing codes but I can't work as it should. You can put it wrong, the idea is to take the SMF user to assign it a folder and have the viewing permissions of the forum itself... I tried taking a subdomain and subfolder but everyone could see it, it skipped the controls (avoid uploading something improper, etc.)

I comment on it because layers is an idea for a modification or someone notices my failure when wanting to do it and enlightens me where to go.

I integrated the payment market method by being guided by the existing PayPal method, but in this case I'm not sure why to guide me.


Support / Doubt with download permissions.
« on: August 20, 2020, 08:01:57 pm »
I don't remember if the "Download System Pro" version has the option that guests can see the downloads but they can't unless they are registered/logged in. I'm trying to add it to the free version but I can't do it, that's why the doubt arose.


Modifications Talk / Download System Lite
« on: June 03, 2020, 02:11:52 pm »
I am exploring alternatives so far I use the TP with the download plugin as a test but I want to simplify a little more. Until now it fits everything I am download system looking for, I just have a question if it would be simple to edit it to upload several files in the same download? I read the pro but I think not this one.


Modifications Talk / Mod Verified User i can't square the image
« on: April 25, 2020, 08:15:28 pm »
The basic concept is that a certain group / ID that I choose is from verified users. I thought by time it has been registered and the amount of posting but it does not define if it is something certified so what I thought is to create a separate group to group these users. Take the basic idea of adding another plate more but something more modified besides being the verified image at the nick level (attached picture of what I say). In general terms I have it almost ready but what I can not do is square it as I wish and if I do it tends to fail in some way, can you give me an idea where to go?


General SMF Forum / Pretty Url Pro Is it compatible with 7.2?
« on: January 01, 2020, 07:32:36 pm »
First of all I want to congratulate everyone for a 2020 full of good health and do not miss the joys!

Well I have 2 doubts, mainly one if it is compatible with php7.2 + since I am trying to update everything possible (I happen to some websites do not let me download the version so I want to prepare).

I was updating everything without major problems, browsing several sites besides my good friend Google I was able to solve all the "Deprecated" that were skipping me... The strange thing comes (attached image) I do not know if it is because my provider can not solve the request but only with a specific IP happens to me, can it be trying to bother a little?


General SMF Forum / Secure connection failed Pretty Url Pro
« on: November 25, 2019, 07:40:38 am »
I was looking at the options you have to be able to customize more since google webmaster tells me to look at it and I find that it gives me problems with the ssl certificate.



it only happens to me with error 403 instead with error 404 I had no problem. Can it be an error in my host or due to a bad configuration on my part?


General SMF Forum / Update detect mobile mode PHP5 to PHP7
« on: November 16, 2019, 12:45:45 pm »
I am trying to move my site to PHP7.1 which did not give me major problems with the modifications that I use (I thought it would give more problems) I have only had problems with some that have to change the syntax but I am stuck with the following:

Code: [Select]
class uagent_info <== This is line 247
 var $useragent = "";
 var $httpaccept = "";

 //Let's store values for quickly accessing the same info multiple times.
 var $isIphone = 0; //Stores whether the device is an iPhone or iPod Touch.
 var $isAndroidPhone = 0; //Stores whether the device is a (small-ish) Android phone or media player.
 var $isTierTablet = 0; //Stores whether is the Tablet (HTML5-capable, larger screen) tier of devices.
 var $isTierIphone = 0; //Stores whether is the iPhone tier of devices.
 var $isTierRichCss = 0; //Stores whether the device can probably support Rich CSS, but JavaScript support is not assumed. (e.g., newer BlackBerry, Windows Mobile)
 var $isTierGenericMobile = 0; //Stores whether it is another mobile device, which cannot be assumed to support CSS or JS (eg, older BlackBerry, RAZR)

 // These strings cannot be used in isMobile because are way too generic
 var $genericStrings = array(
 'engineWebKit' => 'webkit',
 'deviceMacPpc' => 'macintosh', //Used for disambiguation
 'deviceWindows' => 'windows',
 'devicePpc' => 'ppc', //Stands for PocketPC
 'linux' => 'linux',
 'engineOpera' => 'opera', //Popular browser
 'deviceTablet' => 'tablet', //Generic term for slate and tablet devices

 //Initialize some initial smartphone string variables.
 var $mobileStrings = array(
 'engineWebKit' => 'webkit',
 'deviceIphone' => 'iphone',
 'deviceIpod' => 'ipod',
 'deviceIpad' => 'ipad',
 'deviceMacPpc' => 'macintosh', //Used for disambiguation

 'deviceAndroid' => 'android',
 'deviceGoogleTV' => 'googletv',
 'deviceXoom' => 'xoom', //Motorola Xoom
 'deviceHtcFlyer' => 'htc_flyer', //HTC Flyer
 'deviceNuvifone' => 'nuvifone', //Garmin Nuvifone

 'deviceSymbian' => 'symbian',
 'deviceS60' => 'series60',
 'deviceS70' => 'series70',
 'deviceS80' => 'series80',
 'deviceS90' => 'series90',
 'deviceWinPhone7' => 'windows phone os 7',
 'deviceWinMob' => 'windows ce',
 'deviceWindows' => 'windows',
 'deviceIeMob' => 'iemobile',
 'devicePpc' => 'ppc', //Stands for PocketPC
 'enginePie' => 'wm5 pie', //An old Windows Mobile
 'deviceBB' => 'blackberry', 
 'vndRIM' => 'vnd.rim', //Detectable when BB devices emulate IE or Firefox
 'deviceBBStorm' => 'blackberry95',  //Storm 1 and 2
 'deviceBBBold' => 'blackberry97', //Bold 97x0 (non-touch)
 'deviceBBBoldTouch' => 'blackberry 99', //Bold 99x0 (touchscreen)
 'deviceBBTour' => 'blackberry96', //Tour
 'deviceBBCurve' => 'blackberry89', //Curve2
 'deviceBBTorch' => 'blackberry 98', //Torch
 'deviceBBPlaybook' => 'playbook', //PlayBook tablet
 'devicePalm' => 'palm',
 'deviceWebOS' => 'webos', //For Palm's line of WebOS devices
 'deviceWebOShp' => 'hpwos', //For HP's line of WebOS devices
 'engineBlazer' => 'blazer', //Old Palm browser
 'engineXiino' => 'xiino', //Another old Palm
 'deviceKindle' => 'kindle', //Amazon Kindle, eInk one.
 //Initialize variables for mobile-specific content.
 'vndwap' => 'vnd.wap',
 'wml' => 'wml', 
 //Initialize variables for other random devices and mobile browsers.
 'deviceTablet' => 'tablet', //Generic term for slate and tablet devices
 'deviceBrew' => 'brew',
 'deviceDanger' => 'danger',
 'deviceHiptop' => 'hiptop',
 'devicePlaystation' => 'playstation',
 'deviceNintendoDs' => 'nitro',
 'deviceNintendo' => 'nintendo',
 'deviceWii' => 'wii',
 'deviceXbox' => 'xbox',
 'deviceArchos' => 'archos',
 'engineOpera' => 'opera', //Popular browser
 'engineNetfront' => 'netfront', //Common embedded OS browser
 'engineUpBrowser' => 'up.browser', //common on some phones
 'engineOpenWeb' => 'openweb', //Transcoding by OpenWave server
 'deviceMidp' => 'midp', //a mobile Java technology
 'uplink' => 'up.link',
 'engineTelecaQ' => 'teleca q', //a modern feature phone browser
 'devicePda' => 'pda', //some devices report themselves as PDAs
 'mini' => 'mini',  //Some mobile browsers put 'mini' in their names.
 'mobile' => 'mobile', //Some mobile browsers put 'mobile' in their user agent strings.
 'mobi' => 'mobi', //Some mobile browsers put 'mobi' in their user agent strings.
 //Use Maemo, Tablet, and Linux to test for Nokia's Internet Tablets.
 'maemo' => 'maemo',
 'linux' => 'linux',
 'qtembedded' => 'qt embedded', //for Sony Mylo and others
 'mylocom2' => 'com2', //for Sony Mylo also
 //In some UserAgents, the only clue is the manufacturer.
 'manuSonyEricsson' => 'sonyericsson',
 'manuericsson' => 'ericsson',
 'manuSamsung1' => 'sec-sgh',
 'manuSony' => 'sony',
 'manuHtc' => 'htc', //Popular Android and WinMo manufacturer

 //In some UserAgents, the only clue is the operator.
 'svcDocomo' => 'docomo',
 'svcKddi' => 'kddi',
 'svcVodafone' => 'vodafone',

I mark this: PHP Deprecated:  Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; uagent_info has a deprecated constructor in /home/public_html/foro/Sources/Subs-mobile.php on line 247

I understand this in the form of declaring the variable will not have more compatibility with the new branch but I tried to implement it without success, I was giving code error when trying how it is in the php documentation or it does not detect the cellular part. Any ideas where I can look or can you help me with this? Thank you for reading.


General SMF Forum / Problem update 1.1.21 to 2.0.15
« on: October 06, 2019, 12:45:14 pm »
They tried to update this forum without success and do not have a backup copy, I was trying to get to the underlying problem that apparently could not convert the database correctly. Try to repair the errors that were appearing but I reached a point I can not move forward and I do not quite understand how I should proceed. If I run the forum in 1.1.21 the error that marks me is:

Code: [Select]
Unknown column 'b.numPosts' in 'field list'
File: /home/public_html/Sources/BoardIndex.php
Line: 84

Note: It appears that your database may require an upgrade. Your forum's files are currently at version SMF 1.1.21, while your database is at version 2.0 a. The above error might possibly go away if you execute the latest version of upgrade.php.

when I run in version 2.0 it appears to me:

Code: [Select]
Unknown column 'add_deny' in 'field list'
This is why I am doubting because he apparently made a half conversion... If someone can help me, I will appreciate it very much.


Presales for Products / PrettyUrls SEO Pro
« on: October 01, 2019, 08:58:37 am »
I have already installed the free version of it a long time ago and the time has come to pay it, my question is when making the change is to uninstall the old version to install the new version without problems? or something should be taken into account when buying such modification?


General SMF Forum / GDPR Helper free doubts
« on: December 07, 2018, 11:33:22 am »
I have version 1.0.4 and I am translating but it does not translate it at all... Partially why am I doing it wrong or do I have something in mind?. I also want to know how I can move the link of "Privacy Policy" above the copyright of smf.


Modifications Talk / SMFPacks WYSIWYG Editor doubts!
« on: October 31, 2018, 02:19:52 pm »
The site I have maintain recently bought the editor which was installed without problems but at the moment wanting to add several modifications I do not take them in any way. For example I have added this way: |maximize,source,youtube,instagram,vimeo,gifv I just take the bbcode from youtube. and installed the mod and modified some lines but I do not achieve anything. Any advice? Can any cable throw me? I will thank you!


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