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Feature Requests / Re: Comments Replies
« on: September 09, 2015, 01:17:06 pm »
That is a feature that has been requested on other topics. The SMF forum has the ability to "Show new replies to your posts" or to notify you for new posts on a topic that you "subscribed" but that isn't present on the Gallery, which is a big miss.

Latest Mods / Re: [Mod]E-Arcade - Reborn
« on: February 10, 2015, 08:07:17 am »
Is there any site where this mod can be seen/tested?

I am at a loss too. It is by date time.  How days have passed since he last uploaded pictures....
It was 2 days and only 1 pic. The other pic was the day or 2 before. So I can't understand what's causing the issue. If posts are made with correct time, it means that server has the correct time too, right? Can the Database be messed up?

I managed to enter with the account of the member who was reporting this issue and have confirmed that he's receiving the upload limit error even if he hasn't posted any photo in the last 24 hours (and the limit is 3).

I tried with a Testing profile to make 3 comments to check if comments on the gallery could be counting for the photo upload limit and seems it's not.

The server time must be correct as the posts shows the correct date and time.

I'm clueless on what is the origin of this problem.

Edit: Btw, would be interesting to have a log on this "error". I still have uploads on the gallery but have no idea if this is an isolated problem or a common one.

Support / Re: Can gallery posting count towards post count?
« on: February 06, 2015, 04:18:23 am »
The 2. would be a great feature addition.

I would also like to see the comments and pic posting counting for the Forum Post Count. Because it doesn't at this time, I alone ( http://themobilephotographyblog.com/profile/?u=2 - 3916 )  have a post count superior to the forum itself ( http://themobilephotographyblog.com/forum/ - 3222). The gallery ( http://themobilephotographyblog.com/gallery/?sa=stats ) has 11.195 comments.

I managed to upload my 3 photos as limit and then I got the warning.

Edit: After deleting the images, I'm able again to upload. I think I might ask a member to let me use his profile once the error occurs to check it.

Ok, I located that exact code on Gallery2.php but I still don't understand what to do... Do I need to modify it? What should I expect as to see when accessing the site as normal user?

Where and how do I test that code?

But that would mean that comments and posts would have also the time messed up, right?  And they are correct...

There must be something else...  I will keep searching and will do some tests.

Strange...  I think the server time is correct. What else might lead to the message to be shown?

Support / Some members receiving message of upload limit exceeded wrongly
« on: February 02, 2015, 10:53:22 am »
Not sure what is happening but I have some members complaining that they are receiving an error message that they have exceeded their daily upload limit (that I set to 3 pics) even if they didn't upload any pics on the last days.

Don't know what to do about this, so I need some help here.

Edit: Is the restriction made by member account or IP?  If it is the IP, I think I have the explanation for it...

That would be a good add-on but my main complain from members is that there is no way to see all the photos posted my a member on the different galleries. Once you click on the first photo, the "Previous" and "Next" are from the gallery (and usually from another member) and not from that member. This provokes a lot of confusion and a painfully process of using the browser to go back and forward to see the photos. Same applies to "Recent Pictures".

Feature Requests / Re: Member Group Space Limits by Post count based groups
« on: December 15, 2014, 10:18:16 am »
I think most users of SMF forums is using membergroups based on Post Count. It's the easier way to "promote" members.

I pretend to promote the involvement of members on commenting each others photos and to restrict uploads that are starting to consume too much space on the server. The way I thought to make this together is to restrict the uploads via number of comments made. This way, more involvement means more uploads available.

It would be total number of uploads for all time by membergroup. Example: A member is new and has no comments, he can post up to 10 photos. After reaching 10 posts, he changes membergroup and the limit is upgraded to 25 and so on.

Feature Requests / Member Group Space Limits by Post count based groups
« on: December 14, 2014, 04:44:46 pm »
The Gallery Pro has the ability to establish a limit of disk usage but it won't recognize membersgoups based on post count. This implies the creation and maintenance of membersgroups manually.

Can't Post count based groups be added to the list of membergroups?

Btw, would be great if this could also be managed by number of uploads. It's easier for people to understand that they can upload 10 photos and not 10Mb of them.

Site Discussion / Re: Tapatalk...
« on: November 21, 2014, 08:44:55 am »
I talk to the owner of tapatalk pretty often. I might look/ask him if it is possible.
An integration of the Gallery (and other SMF Hacks mods) would be great! I could even buy Tapatalk as a mobile solution for my site which is not very mobile friendly at this point.

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