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Messages - diegolyanky

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Yes... I disabled IPN Security.

But, looking into my PayPal account, I made this changes into Paypal:

Current settings
Notification URL http://www.xxxx.info/storeipn.php

Changed to:

Current settings
Notification URL https://www.xxxx.info/storeipn.php

And, into my store (on my site) i made this changes now:

Changed from:

Store URL: http://www.xxxxx.info/store/



I hope this will work now.

In resume: I think was a configuration error (my error) ... because, since 28/06/2018 Paypal only interacts with "https" sites.

I'll wait to new payments and let you know.

Updated... and problem still there.

Maybe... Must I migrate my forum to a https .... what do you think ?

I think the problem is here...

This is part of my index.template.php ... and I cant find where to modify the file in order to modify manually:

Code: [Select]

$current_action = 'admin';
if (in_array($context['current_action'], array(

Code: [Select]

// the [member] list button
if ($context['allow_memberlist'])
echo ($current_action == 'mlist' || $context['browser']['is_ie4']) ? '<td class="maintab_active_' . $first . '">&nbsp;</td>' : '' , '
<td valign="top" class="maintab_' , $current_action == 'mlist' ? 'active_back' : 'back' , '">
<a href="', $scripturl, '?action=mlist">' , $txt[331] , '</a>
</td>' , $current_action == 'mlist' ? '<td class="maintab_active_' . $last . '">&nbsp;</td>' : '';

Can you modify the file for me???... pleeease (attached to this post)

I'll send to you a donation for that ;)

Thanks a lot for your time ! :)

Problem continue... I sent to you a PM.

They should start to come in when new orders are placed or subscriptions come in.

Ok... I'll wait until tomorrow in order to view new transactions.

Then, I'll let you know if solved or not.

Thanks for reply :)

Go Under Store Configuration -> Payment Modules  -> Disable IPN price check security

Ok.. I did it. But, I continue with the problem of paypal can't interact with my site.

Last transaction on transactions list: 28/06/2018 ... no new payments and no new suscription are arriving to me. ...

I updated, but I have a problem now...

I have a new suscriber, and I receipt the payment OK, but the store sent to me this:

I received this email from my store:

IPN Amount change detected. The amount sent ()  did not match the amount due.
 cmd=_notify-validate&txn_type=subscr_signup&subscr_id=I-C30BHJ95WY2K&last_name=vi%F1olo&residence_country=AR......... (continue)

Why occur this ? --> IPN Amount change detected. The amount sent ()  did not match the amount due.

Support / Re: Store translated into spanish
« on: July 13, 2018, 10:56:11 am »
Thanks !!! Worked fine for me... ;)

Support / Re: Store translated into spanish
« on: July 13, 2018, 10:44:40 am »
Posted a fix at https://www.smfhacks.com/index.php/topic,825.msg5016.html#msg5016 new version

Must I upgrade with 3.0.2c?? ...  or must I uninstall 3.0.2b Version first ?

Support / Re: Store translated into spanish
« on: July 13, 2018, 10:28:56 am »
Oh... oh...

I have a problem:

After install, I seem this:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '}store_custom_emails
WHERE emailttitle = 'Abandoned Shopping Cart Notification'' at line 3
Archive: /home2/******/public_html/Packages/temp/storeinstall.php
Line: 922

I'm not sure what's that error...

Support / Re: Store translated into spanish
« on: July 13, 2018, 09:22:38 am »
Not translated into spanish but pretty easy to do so. You would just need to translate Store.english.php and the store text added to modifications.english.php

you woud make store.spanish.php files

I'm from Argentina...

I'll do that for you... then you can include that translation on future updates ;) (if you want it)

For free, obviously...

It's my way of thanking you... because youyr store was helped to me for a couple of years (more than 9 years, )

I'll do that, and then I'll send a PM to you.


The renew of license has been paid (a few seconds ago).

I have installed 1.3.8 version. Now, I downloaded the 3.0.2b ...

Question: Must I uninstall 1.3.8 version in order to upgrade to 3.0.2 ??

And, If I uninstall, what's about the old transactions ?... What's about the old suscriptions ? ( will be deleted or will stay there ? )

Please, remember to change the license from dt****.net to dt****.info, please.

My .net site was changed to .info. I use only one SMF Store :)

Admin: Thanks for your quickly response...

But, when I go to "Renew" the domain listed is dt***.net ...

Must I renew for that domain, and after you'll update to dt***.info ?

Is that correct ?

I'm using a very old version. (1.3.8 Version)

Must I download and install the new version ?

And, another question:

I bought a license for domain www.dtf***.net, but I changed the name and domain, now is www.dtf***.info...

And, must I renew the license for that new domain ?

Please, tell me what must I do, and what's the best way to do it...

Thanks a lot for your answer !!!

Support / Paypal has stopped interacting with my site since 06/29/18
« on: July 08, 2018, 11:23:18 pm »
Since June 29, 2018, SMFSTORE has stopped interacting with Paypal. Subscriptions and payments do not reach my site anymore. I think it's due to a change that Paypal made, but I'm not sure how to fix it.
Active subscriptions continue to generate income, but it is not updated on my site ... And if someone buys a product (digital products) they are not reflected in the list of transactions (the money normally comes into my Paypal account)

I understand that there have been a number of changes in Paypal, which puts me in need of modifying something on my site, but I can not know with precision what I should modify.
Has this happened to someone else?
Thanks a lot for the help... I really need it.

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