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I dunno man. I'm stumped. I completely removed the latest version again and installed the version 4.06 you sent me. No change in behavior. I also noticed that after making a paid purchase. The cart doesn't empty for the customer. It leaves whatever was purchased in the cart as though the transaction never occurred.

During a previous uninstall to upload the updated 5.0 Beta package. I went ahead and uninstalled the store software and ignored the Languages uninstall error warnings. Is there any possible way that could have led to these troubles?

I'm about to run the large upgrade for SMF 2.1.3 and see if it screwed something up. Sadly, SMF 2.1 has been a lot of trouble for me and I almost regret upgrading from SMF 2.0.
Thank you sir. I replied if you could take a look. Happy Saturday to you!

Sent email with some older versions of the mod.
EDIT TO MY LAST MESSAGE: I just received the Payment Sent email 2 hours later so at least that's not a new problem! Unreal!
I uninstalled and deleted the entire store package. I deleted all the old files including the storeipn2 and storecoin files from the server after unistalling the package. The only store-related folder I left on the server was the "store" folder that contained the images and whatnot of the items I have listed for sale. I then reinstalled the store using a fresh download of the the latest store install package here on the site under the Store Download topic.

Paid transactions still fail to show in the Store Admin transaction log and only the Paypal Payment received notice is being received by the Admin.

On a side note, I just opened the store_debug.txt file and found it finally captured some data. It's didnt capture anything about my test purchases, including the one I just did tonight, but it did capture data from the sandbox test I ran from Paypal earlier. I've attached the file for your review. I have also attached the Paypal payment received message delivered to the Admin's email account. Interestingly, the test tonight also failed to provide me a payment sent email to my email when I paid for the item. That's new. Previous paypal test payments I sent showed up on yesterday's tests but not today. So bizarre.

Would you mind sending me one of the older store test packages to try and see if something in the current Store package (SMFStore5.0beta1.zip - dated November 29, 2022, 09:39:56 am) is the issue?

On it, I'll update you when I'm done. THANKS!
I would revert any changes and grab the storeipn2.php from the zip file and try again to make a purchase and see if it is recorded in the admin side at all.
No one has adjusted our Paypal settings since I set up the store years ago. I have no reason to believe the IPN settings are not as they always have been when things were working correctly.

I went into Paypal and ran an IPN test transaction to our forum link: https://www.sonomacountydsa.org/forums/storeipn2.php and the Paypal system responded with "IPN was sent and the handshake was verified" so it appears the Paypal settings are working and Paypal is communicating with the Store as expected (see attached photo).

It appears the Store software just isn't recording the sales info Paypal is sending to it and the store probably isn't sending email notices because it doesn't know people have made paid purchases.
Ok that is good just says error.
IS IPN enabled in your paypal account and the url pointed to storeipn2.php
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