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Shipping by weight?



Apologies if this as been covered but I can't find an answer in the forum:

1. Does this Store add-on support shipping by calculation of the weight of all the items added to the cart.

2. If it does, are the weight units selectable (we tend to use Kg here).

Thanks in advance.


1. Yes it does. You need to set the weight for each item in order for it to caculate.

2. Supports either lbs or kgs

So, if I base my shipping on weight, put a shipping cost on each item and then a weight, the shipping will take that base shipping cost and go up from there with multiple items?

* I apologize for bringing up an old topic here, but this was the best thread I found in the Search feature

No it would just go by the shipping condition if the item falls in that weight range and ignore the shipping price on the item.


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