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Few questions


I've saw your smfstore hack and i think it is great.
currently I am using smf 2.0.6 and the  forum is up and running,
does the smfstore hack integrates in my forum like an add-on or I have to make a new forum ? (do i just get the posibility to make a store button and access the store from there )
as I saw people can pay over paypal or credit cards is this right ?
once paid smfstore software can be used all the time, it is a one time licence ?
If i can run smf 2.0.6 than the smfstore can work on the server 100%?

thx in advance

SMF Store is an addon for the forum. It adds a new menu tab called Store.

People can pay with paypal and paypal supports credit cards. Otherwise we do have a manual option to collect payment information.

SMF Store is a one time fee which you can use for life. Includes one year of updates. After that you can choose to buy another year of updates for a small renewal fee at any time.

SMF Store works on SMF 2.0.x and SMF 1.1.x

If you need a demo I can pm you a link as well.

thank you very much , you'll be hearing from me soon  ;)

Thanks for answering the above question, i had the same in mind. However i have gone through the demo and i will be placing my order.


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