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lacking the inherit intelligence to search, I thought to ask in an original thread. 

I own a pro copy of ad seller, copyright removed.  I also run a heavily trafficked site with a substantially customized theme. 

down the right side i run ad's, and to my own store.  I use a free standing php file and use and 'include' to render it, called from index.template...

my question is fairly simple-

can i post script in the include file to manage the ads?  if so, will the call to SSI in the index.template negate the requirement to call it again?

explained differently- i want to use the ad seller pro script outside of the index.template file, and on a file that uses php include within the index.template to call it... will it work?

I'm heavily trafficked and i have neither a non-production site to work with, nor the luxury of breaking the site this time of year even for a few moments. 

thanks in advance! 

for a better idea, the site is 

Depending on your version of AdSeller Pro you may also have an iframe intergration option.

Under Admin -> AdSeller Pro -> Locations
Click on the "get code" link

On that page will first have the PHP code which you can use if you include SSI.php in your php script.
Or you can just copy the iframe html code and user it on any site.


i realized the only thing i would break is the ad code and not the page, so i did it...

it works just fine.

thanks all the same!

you posted while i was typing...

used a free standing php file where i hard coded the ads for the right side...
created a custom ad and pasted the code in that had coded and included php file at the bottom of it
added an ad, and approved it- boom...

now i can allow access for people to manage that area and not have to ftp or cpanel to change it myself... furthermore, i can use a random script to rotate the ads. 

me digs... many thanks!!

Glad you have found a solution that works well!


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