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[Paid] Uninstall Simple Audio Video Embedder 2.1.1 and upgrade?

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I'm currently running SMF 2.0.14 on

I believe ever since upgrading SMF from 2.0.12 to 2.0.14 Simple Audio Video Embedder has stopped working for me.

I tried to upgrade Simple Audio Video Embedder but run into errors when I try to uninstall the old version, Simple Audio Video Embedder 2.1.1

I have attached a screenshot of the errors I get when I try to uninstall Simple Audio Video Embedder 2.1.1

I'm really out of the loop with doing much with SMF this last year or so and I'm not looking forward to try and manually uninstall the video mod myself.
Would you be interested in uninstalling it for me and then doing the upgrade for a price?


Yes I can for $10 need ftp/admin level access to the forum

Awesome, thanks!
I will PM you the access info later today when I get back home, thanks!

PM sent with ftp/admin login info, thanks!



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