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smf4mobile 2.0 installation problems


I have bought the smf4mobile 2.0 for my forum
 i know you is making the smf4mobile 2.0 module, but how to get it to work.
I have downloaded it and installed it on the modules page, but how to get it to work.

After I have installed it, how to get it to work?

I have found the forum for it, but i can't post to forum, because the verification is hard to hear for me.
And i can't use the verification with my screen reader.
Please help me, because I want a solution for mobile devices, If you don't wil help me, i will be glad, if you can create a profile for me in the right forum.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards

Did you install the mod and theme?
Or just the theme for sm4mobile please post issues on that site for smfmobile

Okay I think I should write about it on the right forum, I have sent  you a PM because I can't create a account on the page there I have bought it.
I can see that you ar the developer,
I have bought the module for 25 USD, but should I also buy the template.
I have installed the module but not the theme.
Best regards

Template and mod are included for the same price check out the downloads section on


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