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Bulk upload image problem

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SMF Gallery pro - users are able to upload single images no problem but as of a couple of days ago it seems that bulk uploads don't work.

Selecting bulk uplaods just results in as per the attachment.

To my knowledge there haven't been any other changes to the site in the way of either mods or manual edits.

I don't have access to the site myself and nor. at the moment does the admin who's crook - but it would help if we could figure out where the star looking?

Any ideas?

I would need to know how it doesn't work.
Are they using the multiuploader? Is it loading?
How big are the files?

as per attachment above mate. I have tried myself.  It doesn't even get to anywhere that multiple images can be selected for upload

So the script isn't loading?
Check that gallery folder was uploaded from the zip file. It has the bulk uploader in there...

likewise, i can't upload multiple images.  i just loaded the 8.0 version from the zip file and i don't see any files that say anything about "bulk" or "multiplier. 


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