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Q's on Integrating SMF Classifieds with current theme


I've had a good look at SMF Classifieds, but just wondering how exactly it integrates with an existing theme (I'm new to this...).
For instance, if I have a forum with a number of categories, so could I have SMF Classifieds set-up as another category (if anyone understands me here...) at the bottom of the forum?

Any advice really appreciated.

There are three ways it integrates.

#1 Adds a link to the menu for classifieds where you can see the classifieds categories

#2. Option to enable main classifieds categories on the board index.

#3. You can link a normal empty forum board to a classifieds category and deep integration. This is done when editing a category in the classifieds area

You can view #1 and #3 on

#2 and #3 require theme edits for custom themes. #2 to easier to setup less edits

Great, many thanks for explaining the options available.  I'll probably go with #1 which seems the easiest way.
Just purchased and downloaded SMF Classifieds 10-mins before this mini update.  Will now be installing and setting it up :)


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