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Demo SMF 2.1.x for SMF Classifieds

Demo SMF 2.0.x for SMF Classifieds

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SMF Classifieds

A classifieds system for SMF (Simple Machines Forum). A classifieds system allows users to place listings for items to sell.
This system supports both paid and free listings. Listings can also be upgraded to add extra features. Uses PayPal as payment processor to handle paid listings and upgrades. Integrates into SMF as an easy to install modification file and is easy to add to custom themes. For a list of the features of SMF Classifieds check the list below.

Supports SMF 2.1.x (MySQL), SMF 2.0.x (MySQL), and SMF 1.1.x
GD is required for resizing of images
PayPal Business Account (Required for paid listing, and listing upgrades) You can get a free Business PayPal account by clicking here
fsockopen enabled in PHP (Required for paid listing, and listing upgrades)

  • Categories and Subcategory's (Unlimited levels) for listings
  • Listings and auctions. Listings have a set price while an auction can have many bids and no set price limit.
  • Listings/Auctions can either be free or can be paid. This is a category level option
  • Auctions can have a minimum price set, starting price, and buy it now
  • Bids can be made public or private
  • Handles multiple pages of listings
  • Integrates with the SMF Trader modification for seller/buyer feedback
  • Paid listings and upgrades support using PayPal. PayPal allows you to accept echecks and major credit cards
  • Listing owner can accept or reject any bids made on their listing
  • Buyer's receive a pm when they have bid outbid on a listing, bid has been rejected, or the bid has been accepted
  • Upgrades for listings such as featured listing, extend the listing closing date, and add additional picture space
  • Category listing options for listing approval, whether a category can contain auctions, private bids, maximum images in a category, how many days a listing can run, if comments can be placed on a listing
  • Upgrades are set on a category level which allows control over the upgrades on specific categories
  • Custom fields are supported on a category level
  • Custom fields can be made optional, required, have a default value, and be sorted in order you wish to have them displayed
  • Picture support for listings. User's can upload pictures for their listing
  • Settings to control what is displayed on the listing and the category listings page
  • Transaction listing page for paid listings and upgrades. Can now download and search the transactions page
  • Listing Comment System, Comment approval listing, Editing own comments.
  • Permissions for viewing the classifieds, bidding on the listing, add a listing, add comments, edit comments, auto approve comments, and admin classifieds control.
  • And more!

Price $65 owned license (One year of updates)
License: For one instance on an online forum.
Domain for SMF Classifieds:

Get all products with the Community Suite for SMF on SALE limited time for $150.
Licenses are non refundable and you must ensure that hosting meets the above requirements.

Translations* available for Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Chinese Simplified. Others available by request.
Translations are made via using AI and may not be 100% but is a good starting point.

Help and Support:
SMF Classifieds Support Forum


Example Listing

Edit Category Option

Listings in a category

Adding a Auction