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Demo SMF 2.1.x SMF Gallery Pro

Demo SMF 2.0.x SMF Gallery Pro

Convertors from other Gallery Systems:
Aeva Gallery
Copper Mine Gallery
Levertine Gallery

These convertors are found in downloads forum.

SMF Gallery Pro Edition

A complete gallery system for SMF (Simple Machines Forum) supported for over ten years with over thousand galleries sold!
SMF 2.1 (MySQL), SMF 2.0.x (MySQL) and SMF 1.1.x
GD php module is required for resizing of images, EXIF php module for reading EXIF data

All features of the Lite Edition plus the following added:
  • Over 100+ settings to configure SMF Gallery Pro how you need it
  • User Galleries - User's can create their own personal galleries with unlimited categories
  • Subcategory's (Unlimited levels)
  • Rating pictures on scale of 1 to 5 stars
  • Gallery admin's can delete ratings and view who rated a picture
  • Gallery stats page for keep track of most viewed images, top rated and more!
  • EXIF image information support requires EXIF module in php
  • Album/Category level permissions for viewing, adding picture, editing picture, deleting picture, and adding a comment
  • Reporting of comments and editing own comments
  • Bulk adding of images. Controlled by permissions and setting to allow the number of upload fields
  • Thumbnail, medium, full size image sizes are supported
  • Importing images from a folder on your server
  • Category options for posting topics in a forum board when a picture is uploaded
  • Comment approval listing which lists comments that need to be approved, and reported comment listing
  • File Space Manager shows how much space a user is using and allows you to delete pictures
  • Upload Quota limits for member groups
  • Gallery navigation on view picture
  • Unviewed image list allows users to keep track which images that they have not seen yet
  • Slideshow of images at up to 50 images at a time inside a category
  • Notify by email if comments posted user's image
  • Watermarking of images uploaded by text or image
  • Lightbox and highslide support built in!
  • RSS support for image categories
  • Picture area tagging like Facebook
  • Multifile select upload option
  • Simple picture favorite system
  • XML support for recent images, getting a single picture, category listing, getting a single category
  • New permissions: Rating Pictures, Edit own Comment, Auto Approve Comments, Personal Gallery, Bulk Uploads
  • Tons of settings to customize your gallery: Images per page, Max thumbnail width, Max thumbnail height, Display newest comments first, Control blocks that appear on the gallery main page, image listing options, picture view options and many more!
  • New!! Video Addon now included: Upload formats supported: avi,flv,mov,mpg,ram,rm,rpm,swf,wmv
  • SMF Gallery Pro support forums with additional modifications and guides.
  • And much more!

Price $49 owned license (Includes one year of updates)
License: For one instance on an online forum. Contact Us if buying more than one!
Domain for SMF Gallery:

Get all products with the Community Suite for SMF on SALE limited time for $150.
Licenses are non refundable and you must ensure that hosting meets the above requirements.

Translations* available for Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Chinese Simplified. Others available by request.
Translations are made via using AI and may not be 100% but is a good starting point.

Help and Support:
SMF Gallery Pro Support Forum


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