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Video Addon for SMF Gallery Pro

A video addon for SMF Gallery Pro. Allows users to uploads videos to the gallery. Or enter a url to videos on either YouTube or Google Video.
SMF Gallery Pro 1.3 or higher (SMF 2.0.x SMF 1.1.x)
Access to php settings if you want to enable uploading videos greater than 2mb

  • Upload formats supported: avi,flv,mov,mpg,ram,rm,rpm,swf,wmv
  • Supports YouTube and Google Video Links such as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDIP71Lviys and http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3755578433803905218
  • Can have a user uploaded thumbnail if none is specified uses generic video image
  • Settings to set the max file size, player height, player width, show download link, show html linking codes
  • Membergroup level permission to control which group can upload videos.
  • And more!

Price $30 owned license
License: For one instance on a forum.
Requires SMF Gallery Pro 1.3 or higher
You need access to your php settings to upload large video files

No longer sold part of SMF Gallery Pro

Licenses are non refundable and you must ensure that your hosting meets the above requirements.
Payment Choices

Common Support Questions:
How do I change the php max upload settings?
In Windows you would edit the php.ini file
Find something such as:
upload_max_filesize = 2M

And change the 2M limit to a higher value such as 30MB to allow a video size of 30mb
upload_max_filesize = 30M

Be sure to also restart your web server after you adjust the php settings for them to take affect.
There are a couple other factors that affect the download limit such as Apache and IIS time out settings as well

MIME types and IIS
IIS will only serve files that are in it's MIME database.
This example will show you how to add support for .flv files to IIS.

Open up IIS
Next, click on properties of the website that you want to add the MIME type to.
Then click on the HTTP Headers tab.
Now click on the MIME types button.
Click on the new button on the MIME types screen.
For the extension enter .flv and for the "MIME type" enter video/x-flv
Click ok and the mime type is now added and your webserver now supports flv videos.

To check if it is a mime type issue try to visit a url on your site that has a a video such as .flv and if it results in a 404 error then it probably is a MIME type issue.



Add Video

YouTube Video Example